Welcome to my new website and blog. I’ve decided to embrace this aspect of technology because it will allow me to share thoughts on a wide variety of subjects and to tell people how they can access my writings and classes. As I move into the second half of my 70s, I don’t want always to be thinking in terms of the “next book,” though I know I want to continue writing.  So the shorter format provided by blogs suits me. I also enjoy virtual exchanges and even conversations about things that matter to me and others, so this format lets me hear back from you who take the time to read my jottings.

Just to let you have an idea of the kinds of postings you are likely to encounter here, let me say that I am an inveterate reader, a passionate gardener, an active citizen at various levels of political and social engagement, a worried environmentalist, and someone who loves snow and the shoveling thereof in winters in Minnesota. So watch for entries dovetailing with these aspects of my personality.