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into the paradox, toni mcnaronInto the Paradox: Feminist Politics, Conservative Spirit

As a practicing Catholic and feminist scholar, Toni McNaron embraces the seemingly unresolvable and accepts the inherent paradox arising from her preference for conservative spiritual practices while remaining committed to radical politics.

Residing patiently in this  “uncomfortable mystery” has allowed her to plunge into the deeper spaces of her spirit—not insisting on consistency or certainty or even agreement as she strives to deepen her connection with the God of her understanding in today’s post-modern and post-Christendom world.

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Toni McNaron is an educator, memoirist and lesbian feminist critic. She taught literature and Women’s Studies at the University of Minnesota for thirty-seven years, and was founder and chair of the Women’s Studies Program, the Center for Advanced Feminist Studies, and the GLBT Studies Program.
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For many years, I’ve said, half in jest and entirely in earnest, “When I grow up, I want to write poetry.”  And I’ve made attempts down through the years.  There’s even a fairly good-sized blue file labeled “My Poems” that I... read more

A Glacier and Me

In 2004, I went with my then-partner on an Alaskan adventure.  Our group numbered only about fourteen and the crew came to five, so we were in a boat, not a ship.  Because of the small size of our vessel, we could go into secluded and special areas to watch black... read more

Uriah Heeps Everywhere

Anyone who’s read Charles Dickens’ novel David Copperfield remembers the oleaginous character Uriah Heep.  Described by Dickens as unusually tall and wraithlike, Heep ingratiates himself into David’s world, wringing his hands in false supplication. ... read more